Battery Terminal Grease

Longer life for your batteries

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Battery Terminal Grease 400 ml Aerosol 86143


The unique Battery Terminal Grease from KENT lets you protect your metallic battery terminals against moisture. We have developed this product with special care and as sophisticated concept specifically to protect battery terminals and electrical contacts durably against external pollutants and rust. Battery Terminal Grease leaves a reliable grease film which effectively counteracts corrosion and oxidation of the terminals. This products provides you with a unique means for the sustained and successful protection of your battery’s terminals against moisture. This is an exclusive solution for achieving a longer service life and enhanced function of the vehicle battery. The spray for battery terminals is ideally suited for forklift truck and car batteries but can also be used successfully in the industrial sector for any starter or back-up battery.

All benefits of Battery Terminal Grease at a glance

  • highly effective protection for metallic battery terminals
  • protects against corrosion and oxidation
  • greater starting power and longer service life
  • suitable for most battery terminals
  • reliable and easy use

Protecting metallic battery terminals with KENT Battery Terminal Grease

Protecting your metallic battery terminals against moisture saves you much time and money because you will benefit longer from all batteries. In addition, this is a major contribution to environmental protection since the battery is given enhanced functional duration. Beyond this, the starting power is increased tremendously and all electrical contacts are optimally protected. Just make sure not to spray the grease directly onto the contacts. The film has an isolating effect and could negatively impact the contact.

Red spray grease – very easy to use

In addition to its highly efficient effect and high-yield performance, this protective agents also convinces by its excellent price-performance ratio and ease of use. This makes protecting your metallic battery terminals against moisture very easy. The surface should be free from dirt, dust, old rust and grease before applying the product. Vigorously shake the can with Battery Terminal Grease and spray the agent uniformly on the dry terminals. Just allow to soak and you’re done. The grease has a red colour to let you perform a quick visual check. In addition, the product is insoluble in water and resistant against splash and salt water. It is perfectly safe on most metals, plastics and rubber. Any questions? We’ll be glad to help you with competent advice offering you extensive assistance.